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New to Yoga?

yogaonbeach.6.12Its never too late to start a yoga practice. . People who practice yoga do it to for health reasons but more importantly, they feel and look better than ever and become more flexible and balanced in the process. It can change your life in ways your never imagined only IF you stay open minded and are willing to learn. Our students have reported many benefits from a regular yoga practice such as lowered blood pressure, less stress, less back pain, better golf scores, no migraine pills, greater confidence and of course, better physicial shape. Please come to class 10 minutes and wear comfortable clothes, bring a mat and water. Please sign the attached waiver and bring it with you to your first class and give us a call so we know when to expect you.

Bring this waiver with you at your first class.

Yoga & My Journey

Workplace Yoga is so convenient! I don’t have to get in my car and go anywhere after work. It fits right into my lunch hour. All the instructors are great. The classes are for any level.
We actually have a fun time while getting in some exercise!! I highly recommend Valerie and her team.


Toni Kling, Douglas Blvd., Roseville, CA


I have been a student of yoga off and on since 1997 and I must share that Valerie has given me the opportunity to enjoy and take my yoga practice to a different, more challenging level. I so much enjoy the Vinyasa “Okunami Style” yoga that I go through yoga withdrawals when I am on breaks. Valerie is personable, funny, down to earth and most importantly an excellent yoga teacher/practitioner who is genuine and cares for her students progress!


Patti Lorimer, Umpqua Bank


Valerie and her instructors are awesome! I look forward to their classes every week. I love the results, both mentally and physically.


Trisha Honey
Accountant -Hines


I have been a student of Valerie’s since she started teaching at RHWC. Her yoga teaching style is very smooth and complete. We always feel as though we have stretched every muscle and have added strength as well. She has a lovely voice and matter-of –fact manner that brings everyone along, beginner or seasoned practitioner.


Ranae Bybee

From the very first yoga class I took with Valerie at Okunamiworkplaceyoga on Douglas Blvd, it changed my life in a way I never thought. It has brought me back alive again. Makes me feel good about my body and mind. What I learn on the matt I take with me everywhere. Yoga has taught me to breathe and just be here in the now. Valerie has become my friend for life and I cherish the time on and off the matt with her. Her instructors are phenomenal and love what they do. After each class I feel rejuvenated and feel like I have received a complete workout mind and body. I want to thank them for all they do.


Donna Mickel – Revionics


As a 64 year old newcomer to Yoga, Valerie has made all the difference in my practice and my life.  I was afraid to take yoga because I am not athletic, flexible or balanced.  Luckily for me, Valerie offered a onetime class to give an overview of Yoga.  I summoned up the courage to do that and have been going ever since.  She was welcoming, calm and took the time to get to know us.  The class explained enough to give me the confidence to try…that’s a life changer for someone who believed she was “not athletic, flexible or balanced”.


I started going to Valerie’s classes because I knew it was “good for me”.  What I found was that I set my intention to do my best…and that is good enough.  I have come to look forward to Thursday mornings and I go now because I feel stronger, more flexible and balanced.  I have kicked the perfectionist Judy to the curb and now practice progress.  This is all thanks to Valerie Okunami and her gentle warmth and encouragement.


Judy Lynch


I enjoy working out and do a lot of aerobics. I have always been curious about taking up yoga but have always been hesitant. Valerie finally convinced me to take a beginner's class that she was teaching and it was an eye opener. I loved every minute of it. It was definitely hard work but it gave me the best workout that I was looking for. The key is that Valerie is an incredible yoga teacher and her classes are accessible to everyone, beginners and advanced yoga enthusiasts, with just the right balance of yoga philosophy and applicability to today' everyday lifestyles. Since then I have taken more of her classes and in talking to her students, they all share the same enthusiasm, enjoyment and fulfillment in her classes. Nice pace, engaging instruction with great balance of humor and thought provoking commentary. You will leave her classs with a complete mental, physical and spiritual experience. Valerie is extremely knowledgeable, she is a true yoga teacher! If you are looking for a great yoga class that will have you sweating and yearning for more, this is the place for you.


Paul Galang

Graphic Designer